New photo competition to celebrate indigenous cultures

Sinchi, a non-profit which promotes human rights and the preservation of indigenous cultures, has launched a new photography competition. The aim is to celebrate the strength and beauty of indigenous culture by offering the opportunity for visual storytellers around the world to be recognised for their talent and commitment to indigenous rights. Participants are invited to submit up to 6 photographs with accompanying captions with entries welcomed from remote and urban indigenous communities. Judges include photographer Jimmy Nelson, former NAIDOC artist of the year Wayne Quilliam and previous World Press Photo Editor Laura Beltran Villamizar. Entries can be made via: … Continue reading New photo competition to celebrate indigenous cultures

New film about Iranian Embassy siege

6 Days is a new feature film dramatising the Iranian Embassy siege in London in 1980. “In April 1980, six armed gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, London, taking 26 people inside hostage. Over the next six days a tense standoff took place, all the while a group of highly trained soldiers from the SAS prepared for a raid, the likes of which the world had never seen before,” states the official synopsis. Written by Glenn Standring, the screenplay follows the perspective of three people intimately involved in events at the time. Max Vernon was the hostage negotiator … Continue reading New film about Iranian Embassy siege


Channel 4 is to broadcast a new documentary about the flagship of the Royal Navy. HMS Ocean is a floating village with its own hospital, shop, police force, church, bank, laundry and gym. The series follows Ocean and its crew on a 7 month active deployment which began last September and which ends as the ship becomes the command platform for the United States Naval Combined Task Force 50 in the Gulf – the first time a UK ship has led a US task force in the Middle East. With exclusive access to the ship and her crew, the programme … Continue reading Warship

Music and the Holocaust 1933-2016

Dr Nick Strimple will be presenting Singing in the Lion’s Mouth: Music and the Holocaust 1933-2016 at the China Exchange in London on Thursday 4 May 2017. The talk is part of the Pure Land Series which invites inspirational speakers and like-minded people to share their visions of a world grounded in compassion, empowerment, spirituality and creativity. Singing in the Lion’s Mouth will focus on the idea and history of music as an agent of hope in the concentration camps and eastern European ghettos during World War II. Dr Strimple will discuss the music and lead a group of musicians … Continue reading Music and the Holocaust 1933-2016


Joe Minihane has written a new book exploring his experience of wild swimming. Taking inspiration from Roger Deakin’s seminal account, Waterlog, Minihane attempted to swim in every river, lake, lido and bay which Deakin visited. Floating, a life regained, details Minihane’s inner troubles as he travels to locations from Hampstead to Yorkshire, from Dorset to Jura, from the Isle of Scilly to Wales. “I love this book. It’s about swimming, and sometimes about not swimming – but there’s so much else,” commented Jenny Landreth, author of London’s 50 greatest swimming spots. “There’s nature, the changing landscape, politics, anxiety, challenge and … Continue reading Floating

Come on Google, don’t just make money!

The latest story about the behaviour of Google is very important and it is worth thinking about in more detail. To summarise, Google have been placing advertising by some of the most well-known brands and Government agencies alongside extremist content on the video sharing site YouTube. In my view Google have been too busy making money to accept or appreciate any ethical responsibility for the content published on their networks. Before the rapid development of the internet the media was staffed by journalists, photographers, editors and lawyers who debated, filtered and – sometimes literally – fought over what was published. … Continue reading Come on Google, don’t just make money!

Former Chancellor becomes new Editor of the London Evening Standard

It has been announced that George Osborne is to become the new Editor of the London Evening Standard. The appointment comes after the departure of previous Editor Sarah Sands to work on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. “This is such an exciting and challenging job and I’m thrilled to take it on,” said Mr Osborne. “Growing up as a Londoner, I’ve always known that the Evening Standard is an institution that plays a huge part in the life of the city and its people. Now it is a great honour that I can play a part as leader … Continue reading Former Chancellor becomes new Editor of the London Evening Standard